Amber Velly

About Us

The Idea

The essence of who we are is reflected in the warm, earthy colors of Amber, a sturdy yet luminous fossil gem, as unique in hue as it is in origin. Like the feeling of “captured sunlight” that Amber evokes, the unique guiding light in each child is nurtured for all learners to succeed in their unique ways.

Bringing it to life

The Process

We like to call ourselves enablers who help diverse young learners to navigate – through a lifelong journey of imagination and joy. Honing their innate talents through individually paced skill development, we co-create a thriving value system of compassion and respect for fellow human beings.

Bringing it to life

The Journey

Bringing to life an atmosphere where the child is at the center of all decisions, and of preparing young adults to be independent and principled

Bringing it to life

The Challenge

Our constant endeavor To implement an encompassing curriculum, balancing academics, the arts and life skills to prepare school-leaving pupils to meet the complex demands of living in a world where prejudice, violence and fear are realities that must be reckoned with.

Bringing it to life


We effectively implement planned programs as the master keys to learning, from teaching-learning strategies, to creating a relationship of collaboration, empathy, trust and sensitivity among pupils in order for them to internalize and exude self esteem.




Being an exceptional school that is here to make a difference to society.

Delivering learning that is characterized by lifelong learning skills.

Enabling school graduates
to be cognizant, sensitive, reflective and participative individuals
who have pride in themselves and the nation,
and impact or influence a changing society with confidence and creativity.

The Nucleus of Our DNA

To provide on a sustained basis

A challenging and purposeful learning environment

That is Holistic and Value based,
nurturing life skills and resilience,
In a collaborative learning community.




Founder and Chairman, Coffee Day Group

Chief Founding Trustee, SVGH Education Trust

Founder & Chairman of the Coffee Day group of companies, Mr. Siddhartha believes that access to quality education that is affordable is every child's right. The true test of good education is when a student is well prepared to contribute positively to society.


Executive Trustee, SVGH Education Trust

Chairman, Governing Council

Former venture capital partner and founder Charter member of TIE, Bangalore Chapter, Mrs. Jairaj has nurtured the school since its inception. Her belief in holistic education has propelled the school program to be whole-child centric while at the same time selecting and training facilitators to imbibe and deliver the school’s vision.


International Cricket player

Former member of the Indian Cricket team, Mr. Srinath strongly believes in a ‘mentoring approach’ in sports and school learning. This has been a significant influencer in the rolling out of the school curriculum.


Co Founder & Former Chairman, Mindtree Ltd.

Business author, co-founder and former chairman of Mindtree Consulting, and currently Chairman, Odisha Skill Development Authority, Mr Bagchi is a vociferous proponent of Caring, Learning, Achieving, Sharing and Social Responsibility, values that are adopted by the school in its Teaching-Learning program.


PRINCIPAL (since 2014)

Mr. Rajput is a highly motivated and hands-on Principal with over 17 years of experience in Residential Schools. He guides students of varying talents with the belief that this is the mission of teachers and educators. Mr. Rajput has the ability to understand the behaviour and attitude of different types of young learners and to bring about transformative success in many of them.

He is a trained sports person in Taikwondo and Rifle Shooting and believes that a healthy Body is as important as a healthy mind. He is a former member of the CBSE schools affiliation inspection committee. Mr. Rajput was also a passionate Senior Under Officer in the Army wing (Infantry) of the National Cadet Corps, and brings to student development a keen sense of discipline and service.

Former Principals – Dr. Shailesh Shirali, Mr. Mathew John, Mr. D. Ravikumar


Amber Valley recognizes that selecting staff with empathy and an attitude to work positively with children is the key to rolling out a good teaching-learning program.
Our teachers demonstrate child centricity and a sense of belonging.

Professional in their approach to child development behavior, our expectation of all our teaching staff is that they bring out joy in learning and achieving, and support the child in his/her quest of growing into a young adult while retaining a sense of wonder and curiosity.

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