Why a Residential School ?

This is an important decision for a parent. A positive mindset towards boarding life will help students thrive and enjoy their time in a caring community and pristine natural environment. They gain tremendously in life skills, independence, punctuality, ability to be organized, and general conduct. They make life-long friends through the close companionship of their peers, learn the dynamics of people skills and, importantly – immersion in boarding school life and myriads of activities without wasting time on commutes!

Life at Amber Valley

Whether it’s playing basketball or reveling in art and pottery, our students are encouraged to be multifaceted and pursue varied interests. Children can often be spotted on treks and excursions in the nearby hills, or working together to lead local cleanliness drives. We inculcate the practice of Yoga and Pranayama, and several other such activities offered to engage and energize.

Children can often be spotted on treks and excursions in the nearby hills, or working together to lead local cleanliness drives.

Mobile phones

are not allowed on campus

A Day in Amber Valley

Waking up before sunrise, children welcome each new day by being out in Nature or on the sports fields. As the Sun’s first rays emerge, children are ready to begin the rest of their day. All meals are served in the dining hall, where children group in an orderly manner, say a prayer, and eat mindfully, ensuring that no food is wasted.
Assemblies are conducted in the morning, where our students present and talk about a variety of different issues and topics, thus honing their skills in public speaking, singing, debate, and collaboratively thinking through various ideas.
Classes and activities are conducted in a manner that encourages an open interaction between teachers and students.
Nature is all around us in Amber Valley, and children being naturally curious, observe and develop a close bond with it as they traverse the open campus multiple times a day. Evenings are spent in physical activity, followed by studies and gearing up for the next day.

Children observe and develop a close bond with Nature as they traverse the open campus multiple times a day.


are observed as a time to be mindful


have active student participation


Community Building

A community based on warmth, where individuals look out for one another and help each other to become the best version of themselves, is something we are deeply committed to.

The Routine

A Student’s point of view

06:00 AM: Getting into the morning fitness routine is at first difficult. But once in the groove, it is exhilarating, especially training for cross-country running. Built up body heat is cooled down with the morning bath so we are fresh for pre-breakfast classes. Our minds are racing!

07:00 AM: Sundays are great, we can wake up a full hour later than on weekdays. But I do miss the morning yoga and karate classes. There’s the bell – time for milk, bath and a hot dosa breakfast.

Breakfast: Sumptuous yet finished in 20 minutes to get back to the remaining morning classes. The weekday routine is great, with a 20-minute school assembly between classes. An 8-period day is filled with academics, music, drama, art, pottery, etc.

11.00 AM:A yummy snack and juice, and we are ready for the remaining classes before lunch.

Lunch: I love tamarind rice and the soft chappatis. Back after lunch for two more periods – hopefully no maths today after lunch!!

04:00 PM: Ready for games and sports, and then a hot shower to be fresh for evening prep

06:00 PM: Sunsets are a time for introspection and Asthachal – 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Even our clothes are white, a symbol of peace. Oh but not on Sunday – it’s movie night at the dorm.

07.35 PM: Dinner Time.

09.30 PM: Time to say goodnight. Wonder what time dad will call tomorrow! Sunday is great – I can finish all my reading, write letters and sleep. But I must practice my serve tomorrow during evening games and finish all the research on my project.


is between morning classes


are a time for introspection and peace

Growing Together

Nestled in a valley cut away from the bustle of urban life, there is a strong sense of community on campus. We believe that values such as empathy and teamwork on the micro level go a long way in shaping a society that is based on solidarity and citizenship.


What’s Unique

To grow up in Amber Valley is to spend one’s formative years in a caring and controlled environment in the lap of Nature, where there is a focus on overall development, and individual attention is given to each learner.
We are happy and proud to maintain a school teacher-student ratio of 1:8 and a class size of 25 to 30, something that allows us to focus on each child individually.

Fostering Integrity

In order to raise individuals with an innate belief in themselves and their unique abilities and gifts, our constant endeavor is to provide an environment where every student thrives. An inculcation of self-awareness and honesty is an integral part of life in the Amber Valley community.


Growing up with bonds

Immersed in the community, its activities and values, children here grow up forging interpersonal bonds of lasting value.
The alumni network then seeks to reinforce this once the students graduate and progress with their individual lives.


Being in Touch

To inculcate good writing habits, students at AVRS are encouraged to write letters to their parents every week. Students use a phone system, which allows them to call their parents at the allotted time. Parents can write letters or send emails to their children and the school / staff.
Every space – living, dining, academic – is connected to the main office, many through a state-of-the-art speaker system. Students and staff can be reached anywhere on campus with the help of these sound systems.

Health & Wellness

Emotional Wellbeing is a vital ingredient for balanced growth and progress. Resident teachers have their living quarters adjacent to the dormitories and double up as dorm parents. They are accessible to the students at all times. Students have a tight schedule, which does not normally allow for homesickness to overcome them; but when it does happen, they are counseled and supported by dorm parents and teachers. Students are well cared for, and our teachers ensure they deal with problems effectively, helping them to adapt to their environment.

Physical Wellbeing: For any medical needs or emergencies, we have a well-equipped and high quality infirmary with trained nurses and doctors visiting the campus. All such needs are addressed and attended to immediately.

Students forge a strong bond with their dorm parents, who are accessible to students at all times.

The schedule

keeps children well occupied

The clinic

is well equipped and students are treated immediately



Being fully aware of the trust placed in us, safety and security of students are of paramount importance to us. We have rigorous measures in place to safeguard the campus and community. Our safety and security measures include:
– A secure and gated campus
– CCTV monitoring throughout the campus
– Trained security personnel
– Rigorous security checks at entry
– Internet safety protocols


Recognizing that we are what we eat, all meals are freshly prepared on campus multiple times a day from produce sourced locally or grown in our kitchen gardens. Children also seasonally treat themselves to freshly plucked fruit from the many campus trees!


Two iconic architects have designed spaces for learning and living – P.T. Krishnan and Jaisim (Fountainhead). The school building has been designed to provide a structure to learn, as well as offer an openness to explore. The forms are free flowing and organic yet connected, sheltering yet open. This reflects the ethos of the school and resonates with the students, who grow up with a sense of being one with Nature, observing the changing seasons, trees, flowers and the many birds that visit the valley. Local stone, tiled roofs and open verandahs give the architecture a regional yet modern aesthetic.

Students grow up with a sense of being one with Nature, observing the changing seasons, trees, flowers and birds

45 acre


The Classrooms

Amber Valley boasts of an informal ambience where the children feel comfortable and mentally alert, the design being a conscious departure from the traditional intimidating architecture. Our 700 sq ft classrooms are full of natural light and ventilated by fresh, clean air. Students are often seen using different parts of the classroom to read, write or conduct discussions, or simply observing their natural surroundings. Junior School classrooms are bright and colorful, adorned with vibrant works created by the students.

Students are often seen using different parts of the classroom to read, write or conduct discussions.

700 sq. ft.



The Labs

Our science laboratories are spacious, well lit and equipped with high quality apparatus to aid students with practical work.



The Library affords some stunning views as it faces the open valley with a view of the hills in the distance. It is an ideal place to sit and enjoy a book, look out at Nature, or just spend time to reflect. With thousands of titles for children of different ages, we encourage our students to spend time here, connecting with the world of books and reading.


Arts & Crafts

As you walk around the campus, you might spot the pottery cottage, tucked away near a slope among mango trees. This and other such spaces provide our students with the opportunity to explore the joy of materials, be creative or just get their hands dirty.


Sports Field

The school grounds include a 400 metre athletic track, a full sized football field, a near full sized cricket field with separate net areas, basketball and tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a rifle shooting range.


The Swimming Pool

Tucked away in a green corner is our 25-meter swimming pool equipped with facilities for diving and spectating. With separate timings for boys and girls, adjacent to the pool are well-maintained changing rooms and toilets.


The Dorms

Designed for rest and recreation, the dormitories have large windows surrounded by trees with a view of the valley. Common spaces are consciously designed to enable relaxed and informal interactions.


The Dining Community

In the large, airy Dining Hall, tables are arranged in neat rows, ensuring that mealtimes are orderly yet with a family atmosphere. Adjacent to the dining space are the kitchens areas and the bakery, where each meal is prepared fresh every single day. A daily cleaning routine keeps the kitchens and dining hall spotlessly clean and hygienic for every meal.